Ultimo: Notatakai Rasshu(Ultimo: Rush Fight), is a game created by Paradise Paradox. It is based on the manga Ultimo. It is used on Nitendo DS, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Like all fiighting games, Notatakai Rasshu has all the doji from Ultimo all together, fighting each other. Also, you can do team battles and play online.

Arcade ModeEdit

In Arcade Mode, you chooe one of the doji on the roster and you play as one them through 10 stages. The first 4 stages will be fighting stages, but the 5th stage will have the doji to catch Dr.Dunstan. In the 9th stage, you face the doji's rival, before facing the boss, Milieu.

Carnage ModeEdit

Caranage Mode is basically when two doji's go into battle together and fight. It's maximun rounds are 5 rounds and the one who is left standing wins the fight.

Practice ModeEdit

Practice Mode is when the player can learn techniques from the characters and use them in battle. The player can also use it to mess around.

Xbox Live ModeEdit

Xbox LIve Mode is the same in fighting games. The player must wait for a lobby to become joinable and there will be 6 spaces for a lobby. The leader of the lobby can change the settings to "Winner stays on" or "Take turns". And this will have levels for it and titles.

Doji ModeEdit

Doji mode is where there player makes their own doji and choose them to be evil or good. They go through tasks set by the other doji's. Also, they have to make choices at the end off the game. You get to customise your doji's looks and the element they follow. You can even choose to chose a master or not.(If you choose master, then it will be hard to complete, if you choose alone, then you won't get ICON mode, although it will be easier)

Game InformationEdit


  • Ultimo (Base, ICON)
  • Regula (Base, ICON)
  • Paradonner (Base, ICON)
  • Sophia (Base, ICON)
  • Slow (Base, ICON)
  • Service (Base, ICON)
  • Gauge (Base, ICON)
  • Vice (Base, ICON)
  • Jealousy (Base, ICON)
  • Eater (Base, ICON)
  • Orgullo (Base, ICON)
  • Avaro (Base, ICON)
  • Paresse (Base, ICON)
  • Désir (Base, ICON)
  • Rage (Base, ICON)
  • Meilu (Base, ICON)


  • Mount Fuji
  • Sendo Academy
  • Street
  • Colour Changing
  • Yamato's Apartment (Outside)
  • Doji's Body