Triple Racing is a game by Lau the G. It is playable for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii Uand PC. It features racing with cars, motorcycles, and helicopters. Its graphics are good on the 360 and the PS3, the graphics on the PC and Wii U are decent. The game is rated T for Teen.
Triple Racing

Triple Racing Cover

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Triple Racing Logo

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Triple Racing second logo.

Main CharacterEdit

The main character's name is Tyrome. He is a young black male raised in Los Angeles, California. As he is a hoodlum, he is later arrested. He later leaves his home and rents a small house. His friend a while back, Tony, who is now a cop, helps him get out of jail early. Tyrome is broke, as he trns to the only option: Racing. His friend Tony is behind his back the whole step of the way.


The theme of Triple Racing is California Love by Tupac (Instrumental). It is perfect for Tyrome, as he does live in California and Hip-Hop is great music for this game.
California Love Instrumental

California Love Instrumental


In the Story Mode, you live in Los Angeles, California. In Story Mode, the game is only playable with one human players. But on Racing Mode, you can play with up to 4 human players. If you are in a car race, 8 cars will be racing. If you are in a boat race, 6 boats will be racing. If you are playing a helicopter race, 4 helicopters will be racing. Also, the cops will be after you every once in a while during the race. The goal is to win the race and not get caught! In the story mode, you walk around Los Angeles, looking for people to race. There will be Story Mode races and Side Races, that don't affect the story mode. You can wager money or your car in a Side Race. You must unlock the vehicles in the Story Mode. You can customize the paint and kits on your vehicles. Your vehicles will be equiped with weapons.

Primary WeaponsEdit

Primary Weapons are the guns on your vehicle. You will be provided with a limited amount of ammo that can blow up your enemies' vehicles. But be careful, your enemies can blow you up, too! You can customize the primary weapons on your vehicles.

Car Primary Weapons: Several types of Machine Guns.

Boat Primary Weapons: Several types of Shotguns.

Helicopter Primary Weapons: Machine Guns, Mini Guns.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Secondary Weapons are the explosives on your vehicle. You will be provided with much less ammo as the primary weapons, as they are more destructive. You can quickly blow up your enemies' vehicles. But be careful, your enemies can blow you up, too! You can customize the secondary weapons on your vehicles.

Car Secondary Weapons: Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, Mines.

Boat Secondary Weapons: Several types of torpedoes.

Helicopter Secondary Weapons: Several types of missles.


California Love

California Love (Instrumental)

It Was A Good Day

Ain't Nuthin But A G Thing

Straight Outta Compton

Too West Coast

GTA San Andreas Theme

Boys In Da Hood

All Black

10 Crack Commandments

Gimme The Loot

Pursuit of Happiness

Ambitionz Az A Ridah

All Eyes On Me

Picture Me Rollin'

Shed So Many Tears

West Side Story

Many Men

Don't Push Me

Break Ya Neck



This is a list of vehicles that appear in Triple Racing. For more information, click here.


Porche Carrera GT


Porche Carrera GT

Lamborghini Murcielago


Lamborghini Murceilago

Pagani Zonda

Pagani Zonda

Pagani Zonda

Jaguar XJ220


Jaguar XJ220

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Mc Laren F1

Mclaren f1

Mc Laren F1

Koenigsegg CCX


Koenigegg CCX

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

Saleen s7

Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

SSC Ultimate Aero


SSC Ultimate Aero

Police Lamborghini Gallardo

Police Lamborghini Gallardo

Police Lamborghini Gallardo

Police Dodge Magnum

Police Dodge Magnum

Police Dodge Magnum

Cadillac Cien


Caddilac Cien

BMW Convertible


BMW Convertible

64 Impala Lowrider


64 Impala Lowrider

Zubr Armored Car *Bonus Army Vehicle*

300px-Zubr armoured car army

Zubr Armored Car


Dhingy Boat



Marquis Yacht


Marquis Yacht

Police Boat

Police Boat

Police Boat

Reefer Boat






Tropic Boat



History Supreme

History Supreme

History Supreme

Hermidas Atabeyki

Hermidas Atabeyki

Hermidas Atabeyki

Imagination Yacht

Benetti Yacht Imagination

Imagination Yacht

Submarine *Bonus Army Vehicle*




UH-60 Black Hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk

UH-60 Black Hawk

Police Helicopter

Police Helicopter

Police Helicopter

Maverick Helicopter

Maverick Helicopter

Maverick Helicopter

Little Bird Helicopter

Little Bird

Little Bird Helicopter

Care Force Helicopter

Care Force Helicopter

Care Force Helicopter

Apache Helicopter *Bonus Army Vehicle*


Apache Helicopter

Unlockable CitiesEdit

You can unlock these cities in Story Mode. You will start off in Los Angeles. The more cities you unlock, the more stages you will unlock.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Compton, California.
  • San Diego, California
  • San Franciso, California
  • Long Beach, California
  • Sacramento, California
  • Oakland, California

Note: If you go to these cities before you unlock them in Story Mode, you will receive 6 stars!



Tyrome Jenkins is a 17-year-old delinquent living in his parent's basement in LA. He was born in Compton, but his parents decided to move when he was 8. But he brought the hood life with him. After robbing a store when he was 17, he was trown in jail for 7 years. His parents didn't let him back in the house. He rented a small apartment in a 5 story building. Tyrome's brokeness was upsetting. His friend, Tony Thompson from way back told him to start racing. It would make him money, get him more cars, and the most fun part, it's illegal! With his '64 Impala Lowrider, he goes on a major racing spree! Here is where you play as Tyrome. You can go to races, make races, drive around town, customize your look, and best of all, get in trouble with the law! This is a free-roam storymode, so you can do (almost) whatever you want. The story mode is very much like the Grand Theft Auto series. You can customize the Tyrome's outfit and hairstyle. You can sleep in your apartment, eat in restaurants, go out with friends, whatever! Here is also where you unlock all of the vehichles you can use in racing or online mode.

Racing ModeEdit

Here, you can race against the computer or friends. 6 vehicles are in each race and you can play with up to 4 human players. You can choose wherever you want to race.

Online ModeEdit

In online mode, you can compose a race or find another race that somebody else composed. You can choose the number of human players you want, 1, 2, 3, or 4. The person who composed the race has the luxury of choosing the place they want to race.


In the options, you can edit the music volume, the sound volume, the language, or the brightness of the game.


Here, you can listen to the soundtrack of the game.


Here you can view all of the cars you've unlocked, including their attributes, like their speed, armor, handling, drift, etc.


First Car (Bronze)- Gain your first car, the 64

Start Of The Race Life (Bronze)- Win your first car race in Story Mode.

Getting There (Bronze)- Win a total of 5 car races in Story Mode.

Not Bad! (Bronze)- Win a total of 10 car races in Story Mode.

You're A Racer (Bronze)- Win a total of 25 car races in Story Mode.

Master Of The Road! (Silver)- Win all 50 car races in Story Mode.

Convertible (Bronze)- Win the Convertible car.

Cadillac (Bronze)- Win the Cadillac car.

Porche (Bronze)- Win the Porche car.

Lamborghini Murcielago (Bronze)- WIn the LM car.

Zonda (Bronze)- Win the Zonda car.

Police Dodge (Bronze)- WIn the Police dodge car.

Jaguar (Bronze)- Win the Jaguar car.

Ferrarri (Bronze)- Win the Ferrarri car.

Mc Laren (Bronze)- Win the Mc Laren car.

CCX (Bronze)- WIn the CCX car.

Police Lamborghini (Bronze)- Win the Police Lamborghini car.

S7 (Bronze)- Win the S7 car.

Bugatti (Bronze)- Win the Bugatti car.

Aero (Bronze)- Win the Aero car.

All The Cars! (Silver)- Win all the cars.

Dhingy (Bronze)- Win your first boat, the Dhingy.

Boating (Bronze)- Win your first boat race in Story Mode.

Water Boy (Bronze)- Win a total of 5 boat races in Story Mode.

Lovin' The Sea (Bronze)- Win a total of 10 boat races in Story Mode.

Boater! (Silver)- Win all 25 boat races in Story Mode.

Reefer (Bronze)- Win the Reefer boat.

Squalo (Bronze)- Win the Squalo boat.

Marquis Yacht (Bronze)- Win the Marquis yacht.

Police Boat (Bronze)- WIn the Police boat.

History Supreme (Bronze)- Win the History Supreme boat.

Tropic Boat (Silver)- Win the Tropic boat.

Hermidas Yacht (Silver)- Win the Hermidas Yacht.

Imagination Yacht (Silver)- Win the Imagination Yacht.

All Boats! (Silver)- Win all boats.

Care Force Helicopter (Silver)- Win your first helicopter, the CF helicopter.

Helicopter Race (Bronze)- Win your first helicopter in Story Mode.

Air Time (Bronze)- Win a total of 5 races in Story Mode.

Heli Man (Bronze)- Win a total of 10 races in Story Mode.

Love Helis! (Silver)- Win all 25 helicopter races in Story Mode.

Maverick Helicopter (Bronze)- Win the Maverick Helicopter.

Police Helicopter (Bronze)- Win the Police helicopter.

Black Hawk (Silver)- Win the Blackhawk helicopter.

Little Bird (Silver)- Win the Little Bird helicopter.

All Vehicles! (Gold)- Win all vehicles.

True Racer! (Gold)- Beat the story mode.

Army Man (Gold)- Win the army vehicles by beating the game.

Police Officer (Silver)- Win all police vehicles.

Online Race (Bronze)- Win your first online race.

Amazing Racer (Bronze)- Win a total of 5 online races.

Gutsy (Silver)- Win a total of 10 online races.

Unbeatable (Silver)- Win a total of 25 online races.

Best Racer (Gold)- Win a total of 50 online races.

First Title (Bronze)- Earn your first title.

Gettin' Some (Bronze)- Earn a total of 5 titles.

Title Collector (Silver)- Earn a total of 10 titles.

Lovin' 'Em Titles! (Silver)- Earn a total of 25 races.

Title Master! (Gold)- Earn all 50 titles.

Racer Madness! (Platinum)- Earn all trophies.


To activate cheats, type in the number in your phone in story mode. Some cheats will also effect racing mode and online mode.

All Cars: 866-433-9211

All Boats: 866-311-9248

All Helicopters: 866-210-5763

All Vehicles: 866-393-4747

Unlimited Energy for Tyrome: 866-959-3178

All Weapons: 866-445-4586

Add a Star to Tyrome's Wanted Level (Only in Story Mode): 866-911-3355

Remove Tyrome's Wanted Level (Only in Story Mode): 866-088-9438

Unlock Bugatti: 866-234-4503

Unlock Aero: 866-393-3222

Unlock Lamborghini: 866-088-1736

Unlock Imagination Yacht: 866-210-1203

Unlock Marquis: 866-132-0811

Unlock Little Bird: 866-213-1234

Unlock Black Hawk: 866-222-3456

Unlock All Army Vehicles: 866-342-1093

Unlock All Paint Jobs: 866-029-3839

Vehicles Get Faster (Only in Story Mode): 866-567-3445

Vehicles Get Slower (Only in Story Mode): 866-568-9201

Unlock All Police Vehicles: 866-309-3979

Better Handling For All Vehicles (Only in Story Mode): 866-444-1325

Unlock All Cities (Only in Story Mode): 866-246-2400

Unlock All Stages: 866-233-0909

Even if you use a cheat for getting a locked vehicle, it will not be unlocked until you do the missions that unlock them!

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Unrecognized- There is a point in the Story Mode where you will be given a police car, boat, and helicopter. The police will be after you when you do bad things around the city with your vehicles. But when you use your police vehicles, you won't be recognized! They'll believe you're a cop! So you can do anything!
  • Tour Guide- Around the city, there is a company that tours around the city, that make a lot of money! They use cars, boats, and helicopters to tour. You can hijack these vehicles, and be the tour guide! You can make easy money!
  • Map. This map will be useful when you need to go around Los Angeles.
    Triple Racing Map

    This is the map you will need.

    Click the image to see what's on the map.