Shadowhaunt is a fictional American comic book character who appears in the sporadic series of the same name. He has starred in 2 miniseries and a current ongoing series. Originally published by Hyperion Comics, he was finally purchased by Image, were he gained his own ongoing. He was created by writer Zeon1 and artist Zwd.

Publication HistoryEdit

Like many of Zeon1's characters, Shadowhaunt was first created in grade school (where Zeon ran a very successful comic buisness). He is a mix of Batman and Iron Man, and was also influenced by character's such as Spawn and Ghost Rider. When Zeon created the independant Hyperion Comics company, Shadowhaunt was slated to have a 13-issue miniseries, which ultimatley lasted 8 issues. Several months later, Shadowhaunt starred in The Bee (another Hyperion Comics title) #12: "Tag Team Militia." Popularity of this issue lead to the publication of a 5-issue second Shadowhaunt miniseries, this time illustrated by Zeon himself (the artwork was terrible).

When Hyperion was purchased by Image Comics, and became one of it's independant imprints, Shadowhaunt was renewed and given his own ongoing series, currently on #11. As Zeon said, "From the beginning, Shadowhaunt has been one of our most popular characters. We're hoping to make him a definative comics character in the years to come."

Shadowhaunt has enjoyed both postitive and negative critical reception. The original miniseries recieved the best reception, being ranked number #12 out of the Top 50 Amature Comics Series contest. The second miniseries recieved somewhat negative reception, as many reviewers critized the artwork, and somewhat shallow story. The ongoing series has recieved mostly positive.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

Shadow in a Bottle (Vol. 1: #1-3)Edit

Crime and Punishment (Vol. 1: #4-6)Edit

The Jester (Vol. 1: #7-8)Edit

Crossfire (The Bee #12)Edit

Homecoming (Vol. 2: #1-4)Edit

Anniversary (Vol. 2: #5)Edit

The Light Rising (Vol. 3: #1-6)Edit

Following the events of the second miniseries, Shadowhaunt has resumed life in Libery City. As issue #1 begins, Daniel Ryder learns stocks in Ryder Pharmaceutical are dropping rapidly. Buisness rival Alexander Jacobs asks to meet Daniel on Liberty Towers, the main trading center. Meanwhile, Daniel launches the Resilient Project, which aims to create a vaccine capable of curing brain disease. Because of this, Rydar Pharmaceutical's stocks rise higher. Alexander Jacobs is murdered by an assailant wearing a advanced suit of armor.

Daniel Ryder arrives at Liberty Towers, only for several explosives to go off on the lower floors. Quickly changing into the Shadowhaunt uniform, he is attacked by the murder from earlier. Shadowhaunt and he battle, only for the murder to be impaled on a nearby statue. Before dying, he mutters "The.... light..."

The Light Strikes (Vol. 3: #7-10; Shadowhaunt Unlimited: #2 of 3)Edit

Assault on The Light (Vol. 3 #11-???)Edit


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